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When your home is exposed to excess water, it leads to many problems, like: mold, wall deterioration, ceiling leaks, damaged belongings, and weakened structural integrity. When this happens, property owners can file a claim with their insurance company for water restoration costs, but first, it is important to understand the difference between water and flood..

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A flood can be devastating, and it is understandable that people just want to clean up, rebuild and forget about it, but it is important to do a proper flood cleanup before flood restoration. Flood waters are dirty, and it is likely that floor materials have absorbed a lot of water, so rebuilding without the..

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Water damage in Chicago may not only be caused by a flooding event that’s a result of a leak, a broken pipe, or excessive humidity. Water damage is a serious risk for further issues in the home, as well as your family’s risk. Regardless of the cause, damp or wet areas make for the ideal..

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When you end up with sewage backup in your home, you quickly realize that it’s not easy to deal with. A backup can occur when sewer water overflows from the drains in your home, which include sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs. It’s important to act quickly with the necessary steps to take control of the..

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