Remodeling & Rebuilding Services

The McWater restoration team aims to restore damaged property to its original condition.  In the name of property reconstruction efficiency and speed, the process takes place in three phases: 
Repair Estimates and Approvals:  after discussing your issue with you we will schedule a visit from the expert McWater estimator for damage observation, photography, and data collection in order to provide you and your insurance company with a comprehensive estimate; 
Project Preparation: following estimate approval, McWater will schedule a property walk-through ; 
Actual Reconstruction: the work portion following agreed upon reconstruction timeline and planned completion.  Your insurance carrier will determine budgets for the materials used in the project (windows, doors, flooring, cabinets, trim, etc) and your project manager will be by your side to share product sources and keep you informed of deadlines. Providing top-quality service and specifically trained staff to respond to your particular situation is our continuous focal point.   Collaborative work by all parties involved: you, your insurance carrier, and the McWater reconstruction team will ensure that your property is completed efficiently, expertly, and quickly, exceeding your expectations.


We offer services like:

·        Remodeling rebuilding
·        Vandalism Cleanup
·        Wind & hail damage repair
·        Structural repairs
·        Windows/doors
·        Drywall/plaster
·        Electrical
·        HVAC
·        Carpentry
·        Framing
·        Interior decorating
·        Flooring
·        Tile
·        Ceiling
·        Roofing
·        Siding/stucco
·        Landscaping
·        Exterior finishes
·        Foundations
·        Masonry
·     Third-party consultatio