Every water damage case is somewhat different and requires a particular solution, but the overall process stays the same. Every water damaged-home undergoes several processes to complete water restoration damage in Chicago.

Flood damage or water damage is a complicated problem that requires a certified, trained, and professional. Our professionals in Chicago can handle the entire process from initial water mitigation and rebuilding the affected areas. You can count on our professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long to immediately assess the water damage and minimize property damage.

Even the smallest leak can bring about major damage to your home if left ignored. Once you notice a leak, perform these steps quickly:

1. Turn off your water source. You can find this near your water meter.
2. Contain the leak and prevent it from spreading by covering the hole with a big towel.
3. Switch off your home’s main electricity. Do this temporarily if you think the water damage is too extensive.
4. Contact us at McKinley Emergency Services and schedule an appointment so we can perform a thorough inspection of the damage and have it fixed fast. Our team is available for your emergency needs 24/7.

Water damage sources vary from congested pipes to rainstorms. If you notice water damage at your home, it is best to address this quickly by finding the root cause. Call your trusted plumber from your local area so they can do a professional checkup of your home and cover all areas to look for similar water issues. Do not wait until the problem gets worse. Let the water damage experts do their job and leave your home with a permanent solution.
Once our water damage technicians arrive at your house, they will immediately look for the source of the water damage and contain it. They will then inspect the damage and test for mold growth. The remediation plan would depend on the results they find. This could include water extraction, water damage clean up, structural repairs, or mold remediation, depending on the damages they discover.
Repairing your home after a water damage incident depends on the severity of the flood. For extensive water damage, your property may also need intense repairs to the framing, foundation, walls, and floors, depending on the affected areas. Our crew can perform water damage cleanup, dehumidification, or mold remediation, whichever is necessary. We can also assist you in restoring your possessions damaged from the flooding.
We at McKinley Emergency Services are a reputable company when it comes to providing residential properties with home emergency services including water damage restoration, fire damage repair, and more. We have an efficient crew that can work on the water removal and flood cleanup, or fire and smoke damage at your home. We can also prevent similar home damages in your residence by putting up systems in place and giving you tips to maintain an orderly and damage-free home. For any damage restoration needs, you can reach us at McKinley Emergency Services anytime, 24/7.
The key to preventing further water damage to your home is by switching off the water source. Once you have done this, contact your insurance company and let them know about the incident. You should also inquire about the damage coverage you can claim if any. Next, call our restoration company so we can head over to your place immediately.