A fire is always unexpected and is an extremely stressful situation. Even a small fire can cause devastating damage to your home or business. Dealing with the aftermath of fire is a difficult taking. And it is only then that people realize the value of the services offered by fire damage restoration services and smoke damage insurance claims. If your home or business has been damaged by fire, it is essential to have professional smoke and fire damage restoration services as quickly as possible. Water from firefighting efforts can also cause significant damage to your property. In that case, professional water restoration services will remove the water and ensure the fastest drying time possible to prevent further damage.
Recovering from what you’ve lost to a fire is a difficult endeavor and a major interruption. The destruction of personal property can be difficult to measure, especially if the physical damage is unquantifiable. There different types of damage that fire damage restoration companies will help you address. The most obvious type that people usually notice after fire are the damaged walls, cabinets, countertops and much more leaving them damaged or destroyed. McKinley Company will help you rebuild and restore the area to its original condition.


Emergency Services

Quick response and mobilization to the site
Fire damage inspection
Tarping services and emergency board up of the place
Cleaning, drying and restoration of water damage
Smoke and soot removal
Smoke odor removal
Complete cleaning of the place
Mold removal and site remediation
Carpet cleaning and other hardware
Removal of debris and demolition of damaged areas
Complete reconstruction of the site
Structural Cleaning

During the fire damage restoration service to your infrastructure, we will perform a deep cleaning focused on removing soot from the walls, ceilings or any other element of the structure.
In this cleaning, we will use mild detergents to remove any trace of fire from your walls and ceilings (subject to the extent of the damage).
All floors, doors, windows, and flat surfaces will also be cleaned.
If you have an HVAC unit in your home or business, our fire damage restoration service include deep cleaning of ventilation systems and ducts.
Content Cleaning & Packout Services

Our fire restoration services include cleaning all the assets of your home or business
Cleaning of all appliances and electronic equipment you have
Salvage document operations
Restoration of art paintings
Cleaning your shelves, furniture and any other hardware
Disposal of your items that cannot be restored

What Are You Getting While Working With Us
On Your Fire Damage Restoration?

Protect Your Family & Your Home
with Fire Restoration Company

Although your furniture does not present any type of physical damage after a fire, it can generate complex chemical reactions (due to having synthetic components) to the point of being considered a potential threat to the health of you and your family and an asset liability in the long term. Other than that, McKinley is one of the few fire restoration companies in Chicago to consider water damage when conducting its fire restoration activities, as it can cause other potential problems that are sometimes not considered at the moment by inexperienced crews.

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fire damage chicago

Save Money With Professional Fire Restoration

While one can count on the most comprehensive coverage, fires are highly costly events. Therefore, McKinley’s main purpose is to help you with your cleanup tasks without the need to spend a lot of money in the process. We procure to carry out an on-site evaluation to see how we can proceed with the cleaning and salvage of your belongings, especially if they consist of the following materials:

  • Brass, aluminum and chrome
  • Marble, tile and porcelain
  • Carpets and upholstery

Fire Damage Restoration Process - Step by Step - How do we restore?

We understand that if you have fire damage or smoke damage in your home, it can really create huge problems. McKinley Company is here to help you with any fire restoration that you may need. There are a couple of steps that we follow in order to make sure that we provide the best results to our customers.



We make sure that the property is safe for us to enter. We will check for any signs of structural damage that might compromise the structure of your home.


We will minimize the damage by looking out for soot and smoke that can cause damage even after the fire has been removed.


We will remove any debris that we may find in your home since debris can ruin the restoration process.


We will remove any personal belonging of homeowners that have been too damaged for us to restore.


We will remove any excess water and dry the wet surfaces since water can soak into your walls, flooring, and subflooring.


We will begin deodorizing, deep cleaning, and removing any stains that might have taken place.