As per the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), household water leaks waste approximately 1 trillion gallons of water per year, and 37% of homeowners admit to having suffered losses due to water damage in their homes.
Water leaks are more than just the annoyance of dripping water from your faucet; they can also mean a couple of days of intense cleaning. Even with the use of a sump pump, drying out your flooded walls, floors, carpets, and furniture would take days.

Water damage from a leak or flooding should not be overlooked because the damp environment can quickly lead to mold growth. Did you know that mold can grow in a moist environment in 48 hours? When this occurs, more serious issues may arise, such as damaged furniture that necessitates costly repairs and putting your family’s health at risk of respiratory illnesses. To avoid these risks, you may need to use dehumidifiers to help dry everything out quickly.


Dehumidifiers function similarly to vacuum cleaners in that they remove moisture from the air. The use of dehumidifiers involves two processes: absorption and adsorption. Absorption is the removal of moisture from a water-soaked material. Adsorption occurs when water is picked up on the surface.

Dehumidifiers help to reduce allergy symptoms by regulating mold growth, in addition to drying out water leaks in your home. It works by sucking moist air from a room with a water leak or flooding. Inside the duct is a rotating water-absorbing wheel, which removes the humidity from the air. Then, drier air is blown back into the room. This repeated action will quickly dry out the dampness in the room.


The amount of time you need to run a dehumidifier after one water leak or flooding is determined by a number of factors. Your water damage specialist will examine the flooded area and determine the extent of the damage, and what water restoration techniques are needed for your property. Other factors to consider include:


The shorter the time you need to run a dehumidifier, the smaller the affected area. However, if a water leak has affected the entire house, you may need to run several dehumidifiers for a few days or even a week. A closed area also aids the machine’s efficiency.