A flood can be devastating, and it is understandable that people just want to clean up, rebuild and forget about it, but it is important to do a proper flood cleanup before flood restoration. Flood waters are dirty, and it is likely that floor materials have absorbed a lot of water, so rebuilding without the proper steps can result in problems like mold, insect infestations, and even wood and wall covering deterioration. This means many materials will need to be removed and replaced for proper flood restoration.

McKinley’s Precautions and Processes for Flood Restoration Chicago

1. We do a thorough Inspection for structural and electrical damage to make sure it is safe to start the flood cleanup Chicago
2. Electrical safety is key for flood removal Chicago. We check for gas leaks and fire hazards and always use battery-powered light sources.
3. For clean-up we never mix chlorine bleach with ammonia or vinegar.
4. Our contractors wear sturdy shoes, rubber gloves, and eye protection.
5. We are always on the lookout for fire ants, snakes, or other animals.
6. In the case that there is mold, we wear industrial respirators.

Our step by step checklist for flood cleanup Chicago

Flood Insurance → Electrical Checks → Food and Water Systems Sanitation → Carpets and Furnishings→ Walls → Subfloors → Wood Floors → Tile and Sheet Flooring → Clean Wall Finishing, Woodwork & Floors → Appliances and Equipment → Furniture → Preventing Mold → Removing Mildew from Household Articles and Upholstery